I’m a skeptic. Lavender essential oil.

Since we were most desperate for our 7.5 month old to sleep (and allow mama and daddy to sleep!!), we decided to try Lavender first.

I’m very cautious about what I give our infants and toddlers to eat, drink or what we put on their skin. I have read all of the natural claims regarding Young Living’s essential oils but… I’m always a skeptic. I always approach new ideas like this from the position of caution. Therefore, I sought advice from my upline sponsor about other ways to “apply” the lavender. Since I didn’t have my diffuser yet, she recommended placing a drop of it on one of my son’s stuffed animals or blankets that are in his crib. Using my finger, I rubbed one drop of Lavender on his favorite blanket.

We did our normal bedtime routine. Bathed him. Clean diaper. Fed him. We then put him in his bed and placed the newly anointed Lavender blanket on him and we went to bed. Within 5 minutes, he was wide awake and screaming. So, I nursed him again and we put him back down. Again, we placed the Lavender blanket on him. Again, after about 5 minutes, he was wide awake and screaming. We decided to remove the blanket just in case the Lavender was irritating him. He quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, I laid down. I sleep with my hands together between my cheek and the bed. The next thing I knew I was awake after sleeping (and dreaming!!!!) for a long time. I was excited because I had slept soundly and dreamed. My husband, however, had been struggling with the baby who didn’t sleep. I felt bad about having slept but I felt great having slept. Haha.

We decided to try the Lavender blanket again at our son’s morning nap. It had the same results. Wide awake and screaming. That confirmed it for us and we threw the blanket in the wash. We would need to try another essential oil in the hopes of helping the 7.5 month old sleep.

I did apply some Lavender to both my husband and myself the following night. We both slept hard and are fans.

Overall score for Lavender:
A+!!! – very effective for the adults.
F – for the 7.5 month old. We will cautiously try it with our other kids with the knowledge that some people are very sensitive to it.

Will we purchase it again? Yes but will keep it far away from the infant.

Stay tuned! We tried DiGize next.

Have you tried Lavender? What has been your experience? What to experiment? Click here and give it a whirl.

UPDATE: We found the baby’s sleeping oil. Click HERE to read the update.



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