I’m a skeptic. DiGize.

This may be a little bit TMI. Unless you are a mom. If you are a mom, you’ve worried about this important part of parenting. You know that if this part of parenting doesn’t happen, no one is happy. What is it??


You know how it happens. Your baby hits 6 months old and you start introducing solids into their diet. All is well… Until, very suddenly, it isn’t. You realize that your formally regular poop machine baby has now all but stopped having poopies. And screaming. There’s no consoling him/her. You try applesauce. You try bananas. And still no poop. You realize you are just making his/her situation worse. What do you do??

This is where I found myself. I mentioned my predicament to my Young Living upline sponsor and she said she had an oil for me to try. Enter DiGize. It (according to product info) promotes healthy digestion. When I read about the application suggestions, again, I was skeptical. Dilute. And then rub where?? On his feet???? What??? I mean, seriously?? How does rubbing an oil on the bottom of the baby’s feet help him poop??

We proceeded. Diluted it and then massaged it into the bottom of his feet around the area of his arch (where the Vita Flex Feet Chart indicates corresponding to his digestive system). My husband sat and played with him while I continued working in the kitchen. Within 5 minutes, I heard my son let out a HUGE fart. I looked at my husband and said, “Are you serious?!?” He confirmed the stinkiness. It certainly sounded like his colon was a’rollin’. Haha.

Anyway, it was just gas and no product as we continued through the afternoon. As we were getting ready for bed, it hit. The Big One. A massive poopy diaper. Score!!!

So, it did promote good digestive health as the product info indicated. 🙂 One more success and I’m building some confidence in these oils. Are you? We vowed to keep experimenting with different oils.

Overall score for DiGize:
For the kid: A – It would have gotten an A+ had it caused a “movement” within the first 5 minutes. A couple hours is good enough for an A in my book though!!
For the adults: A! What? Oh, I didn’t mention that we had extra mix left and decided to experiment on my husband and I. Let’s just say we were in the clear after that. 🙂
Will we buy it? Absolutely. No hesitation.

Stay tuned! We finally found a sleeping oil for the 7.5 month old!!!

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