Kale Chips. Oh yes.

I keep hearing people swear that kale chips are amazing.My first reaction is always, “REALLY??? How amazing can roasted lettuce be???” I finally caved and tried them when I saw THIS recipe. If you are looking for a kale chips recipe, use hers. I did with one slight modification. IMG_5921

Sitting beside my first attempt at healthy kale chips is a burger. Pay no attention to her. She’s as healthy as she can be but, alas, she is pan fried. Enter the kale chips to help redeem my meal. In her defense, she doesn’t have mayo on her and she DOES have romaine lettuce, tomato and onion on her. She’s as healthy as she can be. Ok, back to her sidekick.

IMG_5898 copy

I started with these ingredients. A monster bag of kale greens. EVOO. Sea salt. Pepper. And… Young Living’s Lemon essential oil. (WHAT?? Did you know you can cook with EOs?? This was my first time experimenting with this. But you can!!)


Measure all the goodness out. If I had my choice, I would have dumped tons of sea salt in there. Sea salt is soooo good!


And, into the mixing bowl they go!


And, 2 drops of Lemon essential oil. If you haven’t smelled Lemon, you must.


Dump those kale babies in the bowl. Make sure you take the hard spines off of them first. 🙂


Go ahead and get your hands dirty. Mix the kale leaves with the EVOO, salt, pepper and Lemon essential oil.


Spread the leaves out on a baking sheet. Aren’t they pretty and green? While I’m spreading them, I’m trying to figure out how to sell these as “chips” to my littles.

IMG_5914Enter the oven. Hear them screaming?? “Nooooo!!!!!!! NOT THE OVEN!!!!!!!!”

IMG_5915And they are done. I’m regretting the small quantity I prepared right about now and feeling a tad nervous about how they will taste.

I gave a taste to my husband at the same time I tasted it. Isn’t that in the marriage vows?? If I taste something, you taste something. Just in case. Kind of like when you think the milk has gone bad. The husband must taste it also. Anyway, I digress. The texture was very crumbly and almost looked burnt. However, they didn’t taste burnt! You couldn’t really taste any heavy “green” or “salad” taste. Crisp, salty, and a touch of lemon. I was impressed. The husband was impressed. My 2.5 year old said, “I LOVE THEM!!!” as he was shoveling them in his mouth. So, the verdict is yes. These will go back on the menu.


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