Quint-essential Peppermint Brownies. Just sinful.

My hips and I are at odds. We have different goals in life and just can not come to a compromise. You see, they want brownies. I, however, want to be healthier and want to lose part of my hips. Sunday night, I came up with a way to, perhaps, move towards a compromise.

You see, it all started while I was cruising through Pinterest during a midnight nursing session. I mean, if I’m going to be up filling a baby’s tummy and burning calories, shouldn’t I be looking at brownie recipes?? (This is a no brainer. Yes, yes, I should.)

I stumbled upon THIS recipe. And that picture sold me. Her recipe looks phenomenal. And, I figured that it has coconut oil in it. Coconut oil = healthy. Ask any chocoholic needing a reason to munch. And, it says FUDGY in the title. That’s the very definition of a good brownie. Fudgy.

I can’t make anything straight from a recipe so you know I made alterations. She used 4.5 ounces of unsweetened chocolate. I only had 5 ounces of semi-sweet. I also added a special ingredient. 🙂


My favorite dessert flavor combination is probably chocolate and peanut butter but a close second is chocolate and peppermint. So, I decided the original recipe was worth adding peppermint to when I tried it.


See my special ingredient? Young Living’s Peppermint Essential Oil. (While it is good for cooking, we’ve mostly used Peppermint for headaches, help with focusing, and stomach issues.)


I dumped my 5 oz of chocolate in my pan and let it await the next start of the show. Remember my ingredient that makes the brownies healthy?? Here she is.


The healthy coconut oil. Don’t be intimidated by the coconut oil. She doesn’t bite. She does taste a little bit different than regular vegetable oils but she doesn’t mean anything by it. You won’t notice when you bite into these yummy brownies.


Here she is with her friends. I turned the heat on super low and awaited the coconut oil and chocolate to melt.


Mix those babies while you are waiting on them to melt.


“Helllllppppp!!! I’m mellllttttingggg!”


The coconut is almost gone. Now, just waiting on those stubborn chocolate nuggets to melt.


While the chocolate and coconut oil is melting, the packed brown sugar is waiting in his bowl. See how lonely he is?


Not lonely anymore!!


Mixing the chocolate/coconut oil mix with the brown sugar.


Hello, eggies.


And flour. This is where things start getting fudgy.


My husband says this picture looks like a satellite image of clouds.


The other star of these brownies. Peppermint essential oil.


Uh oh. It is getting close to eating time.


Yep. The only thing separating us from fudgy, minty brownies is the oven!

I allowed my husband a healthy portion to taste it properly. Being honest, the hungry part of me didn’t want to share. Did I really need his verdict on their taste?? The wonderful wife part of me said I needed to share. So, I did. He is a fan.

If you are looking for more information regarding essential oils, there will be a Facebook event at 8:30 PM tonight. Click here to join.


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