I’m a skeptic. Why I chose wholesale over retail.

I have mentioned a couple of times my natural skepticism regarding new things.When I originally began investigating Young Living, I, originally, mainly wanted the 7.5 month old to sleep better. So, I was thinking that maybe I’d buy some Lavender. Then, I saw my two options for purchasing.

1. I could purchase just the Lavender as a Retail Customer ($30.92 plus shipping and tax). I wouldn’t get any product discounts. I also was concerned with what if that oil didn’t work for helping him sleep. (That turned out to be a valid concern.)

2. I could sign up as a Wholesale Member. The positives: No membership fee. No monthly minimum purchase to retain the right to purchase at wholesale prices. (In order to receive a commission, Wholesale Members are required to have a minimum monthly purchase. More on that later.) No retail pricing. The negatives: Must purchase a Starter Kit to become a Wholesale Member. The Premium Starter Kit was priced at $150. (There were other kits available but most of the lower priced kits didn’t have very much products.)

The Wholesale Membership and the Premium Starter Kit was appealing to my “frugal” side because I like a good deal. When someone tells me that, for $150, you receive $163 in oils and a diffuser worth $98, I see a bargain. (Yes, my husband doesn’t allow me to watch any channels like QVC or HSN.) So, I chose the the Wholesale Member route.

Fringe benefit of the Wholesale Member route: You are allowed the opportunity to become a Distributor when you join as a Wholesale Member. Having been part of a MLM company before, I’m a tad jaded. There’s only so much Pampered Chef that you can sell, you know? People don’t have need for the whole catalog of cooking supplies. Unless they are me. Anyway, I digress.

Sketchy details of the Compensation Plan:

1. Multiple levels of Ranks (i.e. Distributor, Star, Senior Star, etc all the way up to Royal Crown Diamond).

2. The Rank that you are is dependent on A. Your monthly Personal Volume and B. Your group/downline’s Volume.

3. It gets a tad muddy from there. I actually found a video on YouTube that helped explain it much better than I ever could. This is the point where I did find myself banging my head on the desk. I love YouTube though. No more head banging. http://youtu.be/1XK856-v7AM

So, if you find yourself trying to decide which direction to choose when purchasing from Young Living, I hope this was a little bit of help.

If you’d like to read more of my experimenting with essential oils, click HERE.

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