Operation Stop The Gluttony. February 7, 2015

I’ve hit the bottom of my energy level. Again.

Everytime I’m nursing a baby and attempting to exercise and lose weight, I end up here and have to regroup. I’m eating a good amount each day but I stayed drained of energy. When I exercise, the baby wants to cluster feed for hours afterwards. In the end, I feel it is counterproductive. Since I only nurse my infants until they are around 1 year, I only have 4 months left. Since this will, more than likely, be our last child, I’m going to enjoy this time. I will have years and years after this to get fit. I will continue eating in maintenance mode and I won’t be sitting on the couch doing nothing every day. I just won’t be focusing on my weight loss goals.

Having said that, I had my last weigh-in until I wean the baby. 🙂 AND… I reached by short term goal of 175.0 lbs. yay!!


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