Apparently, I’m still a teenager.

I, obviously, didn’t suffer enough while in the awkward stages of being a teenager. I awoke one day this week with a MASSIVE spot on my face.

You know the ones. The “hey! Let’s put something NASTY looking on her face so everyone can stare at her” type spot. Not only did it look bad. It hurt like a beast. At my latest trip to the dermatologist, he had scolded me about popping them. (Apparently, this is a cardinal sin.) How else was I supposed to make this nastiness leave my face quickly though??

IMG_2960 copy


Day 0. Gross, right?

Then, I remembered my essential oils. I wasn’t going anywhere that day so what would it hurt to do a little experiment? I whipped out my Premium Starter Kit oils. I’d heard two different oils would help with one of these bumps.
1. Frankincense
2. Melaleuca alternifolia

I haven’t used Melaleuca alternifolia at all yet so this was a good trial run for it. I decided that I would wash my face with Ivory soap as normal. No “blemish control” facial cleansers used. No special cosmetic soaps. Only the essential oil as a spot treatment.

First, I took a picture of the VILE offender. Then, I dabbed one drop neat (undiluted) on the nasty little spot. I had enough left on my finger that I went ahead and hit all of the other little spots that had crept up on my face. (Seriously, I’m 36 years old. Shouldn’t we be past this point of humiliation??)

That night, before bed, I dabbed one more drop (again, neat) on all of my spots. And, I went to bed.

The next morning, I inspected the spot. It had popped on its own some time during the night, I guessed, because it wasn’t anywhere near as nasty. It was completely flat and didn’t hurt at all anymore.

IMG_2986 copy

Day 1. Looking much better!

I reapplied one drop neat to the spot both that morning and evening. I admit that I was pretty excited to see the results.

IMG_3006 copy

Day 2: WOOHOO!

I was beyond thrilled. Not only was it completely gone except for the red mark (this is typical for my very fair skin), it was accomplished quickly and without popping it. Natural solution to this NASTY problem. DONE!

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