Salted Caramel Snow Cream. Large Family Style.

We had two separate snow “events” this week so that means that there was lots of begging for snow cream. The Crazies got tired of seeing me cry so they agreed we should make some. 😉 

All of the recipes on Pinterest are all like, “This makes 2 servings.” Ok, well, that just doesn’t work for us. If you drive a (very full) Suburban everywhere you go, you need a SERIOUS snow cream recipe. And, The Crazies have very discerning palates. Regular snow cream just won’t do.

So, Mama decided to experiment. This is the result.

My oldest was skeptical (anyone see that skeptic is in the name of my blog? He’s, obviously, my kid.) about how this would taste.


See that big ole mound of SNOW? That bowl is 24 cups and I wanted to make sure that all of my family had enough.


I ended up scraping some off so that we would have room to stir all of the ingredients. We started with 20 cups of clean snow. It always trips me out to see “clean snow” as a description. I don’t want to think about how it could be dirty.


My oldest Crazy dumping 2 cups of sugar in on top of the snow.


We dumped 14 oz of Sweetened Condensed Milk down the side of the bowl. I was afraid of melting the snow. So, we also added 1.5 tsp of vanilla extract.


Give it a little stir.


Now, this looks like dirty snow. 😉


Now, we poured 1/8 cup of caramel syrup.


A little more mix, mix, mix.


Sprinkle some freshly ground sea salt.


The mixed ingredients equal about 7 cups of snow cream. And, the verdict was? AWESOME. OH. MY. GOSH. Try this.




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