Blueberry Bagel French Toast and My Love Affair.

I’m having a love affair. I know. Shocking, right? I’m finally coming out about it. After 36 years and 5 kids later, I’m feeling free enough to admit it.

My secret love’s name, you ask? Come close and I will whisper it.

sleep. GASP. I know. It is a devastating revelation.

I didn’t feel the love as a child and I’ve slowly realized the pull of sleep as an adult. Especially an adult with children.

You’re probably wondering what this love affair with sleep confession has to do with Blueberry Bagel French Toast. Well, I also LOVE breakfast. So, to recap, I love sleep and I love breakfast. My kids, however, love to get up early and get VERY cranky if they don’t eat soon after they roll out of bed. So, I don’t get to cook big breakfasts in the mornings. Because… I’m sleeping. Haha. I can’t complain about their early rising since they go to bed at 6:00 PM.

I’ve decided Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) is how I can compromise and sleep more while still enjoying Breakfast.

Last night, I experimented with our Brinner. I had lots of bagels in the freezer (ummm, who turns down BOGO Thomas bagels when you also have coupons?? NOT I!) and we happened to have 4 dozen eggs in our refrigerator. It was destiny. I had my husband grab the pack of Blueberry Bagels. These babies by themselves are amazing if you can’t get to Panera. We were going to push their amazing-ness up about 4 notches.

I started with 6 eggs and whisked them up. I placed my already cut open bagels in those eggs.


While you’re staring at these lovely bagels soaking in their egg jacuzzi, I wanted to confess some more. Is there anything better than waking up from a good sleep and being in a pool of drool? NO.


Flip those guys over for some more soaking time. Speaking of turning over, one of my favorite things while sleeping is remembering that I haven’t slept on the other side yet. Oh man. That feeling when you roll over to a new side… Bliss.


While the eggs are soaking, go ahead and coat that skillet with Pam. This isn’t a particularly sexy part of this recipe but so vitally important. It is kind of like your favorite pillow. You know that ratty, worn pillow that is like an old friend?? You can’t really have a good night’s sleep without it, can you?


Once the bagels have soaked really well in the eggs, I put them in the skillet and cook at medium heat. While they are cooking over medium heat and slow, let’s talk about how awesome it is when you settle into that favorite sleep position. I’m a side sleeper. When I roll over on my right side, lay my right leg out straight and them let my left leg flop over my body to the right side of the bed…. yep. It is ON then. Sleep and I are about the meet.


Ooohhh. Look at those bagels. Nicely browned and DYING for some butter and syrup. It is all about the little nuances that make it taste wonderful. Kind of like with sleep, right? The perfectly temperatured room, the sound of the big box fan, and the husband who doesn’t snore.. Did you know that I found a way to help my husband NOT SNORE?!? I guess I need to blog about that.


And there they are. Yummy, yummy, yummy. I gained 2 lbs just looking at these yummy Blueberry Bagel French Toast covered in a blanket of syrup. Speaking of blankets, who doesn’t know about the heavenly goodness that is the perfectly weighted blanket while you are sleeping??

Any breakfast (or BRINNER) addicts? Or sleep addicts?


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