Kid Friendly Spaghetti Sandwich.

Yesterday, I was having one of those “Ugh. Why do they want to eat EVERY DAY?” type days.

You know what that means?? SPAGHETTI. I threw together the biggest, most righteous pot of straight from the jar sauce, straight from the box pasta and straight from the freezer meat spaghetti known to SAHMs. (To my credit, I did used Ground Turkey and I used Chunky Garden variety sauce so it was “healthy.” Haha)

We ate spaghetti for dinner last night and for lunch today. Even with our family of 7, we still had spaghetti in the pot. Spaghetti is our own “multiplying the fish and loaves” meal. It goes on forever. Anyway, my husband loves baked spaghetti and loves to eat it on his garlic toast. I had an epiphany regarding our dinner for tonight. Spaghetti sandwiches.

Listen. Spaghetti Sandwiches are HARD to make. You may want to take some legit notes.

Dump the remaining spaghetti into an oven safe dish. Please note that using “fresh” spaghetti isn’t recommended. The spaghetti needs time to dry out a tad in the refrigerator. Plus, isn’t there something stupidly awesome about day old spaghetti?? Anyway, take the spaghetti (in the oven safe dish) and bake at 350 until it is warmed.

Meanwhile, take a loaf of french bread and cut it lengthwise. (You can make your own but I was striving for gourmet and NOTHING says gourmet like $1 loaf from Walmart.) Slap some butter on the two halves. Put the two halves butter side up on a cookie sheet and put under the broiler in your oven. Remove when the bread is lightly toasted.

When your spaghetti is warmed and your bread is toasted, you’ll need to assemble it. This is going to be a challenge, ok? Ready? Ok.

Dump a ton of spaghetti on the bread. Top with slices of cheese. Put the other side of bread on the top. Place on the plate and call the kids to the table. Dinner is served. And, you, dear friend, can earn the title of “Awesome Wife and Mom.” Again. 🙂



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