Getting back in shape.

After losing our daughter, I still have some pregnancy weight on me. I’ve been told not to expect any real losses weight-wise until my hormones even out. A friend even said it took her 6 months to see any real changes. I *hope* it doesn’t take that long.

So, even with the warning that the weight might not go away any time soon, I feel the need to exercise. I have struggled emotionally but I am much better at dealing with my emotions on exercise days. I am mainly running and I’ve chosen the Couch to 10K program as my main cardio.

Since I can already run a 5K, the 10K app starts you at week 9. I am now on Week 11 and did 6.04 miles this morning!!! It was hard work but I felt awesome while running. I’ve grown to enjoy running much to my surprise. My weight is doing what everyone has cautioned me. I am not losing any weight. I’m trying not to focus on that and solely focus on the emotional benefit I receive when I exercise. The weight WILL eventually come off and, when it does, I will have already been exercising and being more fit. Even with no weight loss, I am healthier after exercising consistently.

My husband makes protein shakes for me to drink as soon as I am finished running. Today’s shake was Pumpkin Pie. I must admit that I love Pumpkin and I love exercising so this is perfect. Fall in a cup. This is a short video showing how we make it. 🙂


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