Dryer Balls.

I’ve slowly been slipping into this natural lifestyle routine. It hasn’t been a radical change but, as I discover new areas in our life that need to be changed, I ease out of using those products. For example, I recently read about how many chemicals are in dryer softener sheets. Read: Cancer. So, since I am extremely frugal, I did not go straight to my laundry room and throw out our box of dryer softener sheets. While using up our opened box of dryer softener sheets, I started researching alternatives.

I ended up with this solution.

Dryer balls. My infant and toddler like to play with these when they accidentally make it out of the dryer. 🙂 Anyway, I bought them here.

Essential oil. I love Peppermint or Tangerine in mine.


This is super simple.

  1. Order your dryer balls.
  2. Drop essential oils onto dryer balls.
  3. Place dryer balls in with clothes.

You have a chemical free alternative… and they last forever so no more buying dryer softener sheets!

I have been using this specific brand (Little Likes) of dryer balls since the beginning of September and must say that they are holding up well. They were exactly as the manufacturer promised. There six (6) very large dryer balls in the package. They seem to be constructed in a very solid manner and show no sign of wear as of yet. With a family of 7, I typically wash and dry around 20-25 loads of laundry per week. I definitely recommend these dryer balls as a chemical free, economical alternative to dryer softener sheets.

dryer balls

**Affiliate notice. This post contains affiliate links and I receive payment for purchases made through these links. I use affiliate links to help support my family. However, I only recommend products that I actually use.


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