Granny’s Cornbread Stuffing

As a child, we always went to my Granny’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of my most favorite parts of those meals was her cornbread stuffing. 

I finally asked to come sit with her and learn how she made it. I copied down her recipe but, more importantly, I gained precious memories sitting with her. My granny has Alzheimer’s now so those times with her, learning from her and laughing with her will forever me mine.

I can’t share that moment with you. So I share a small taste of how she blessed our family. Her cornbread stuffing.

I start preparing to make her stuffing months in advance. It requires stale bread so, every time we use a loaf of bread, I save the end pieces and put them in a freezer gallon bag. So, that’s the first step. I also prepare one box of Jiffy cornbread. Both the bread (that has been kept in the freezer) and the cornbread need to be stale. So, I typically toast the bread and cook the cornbread 2 days before I will need it. Then, I leave it out to help the staleness.

Next, I rinse a bag of celery. Chop both the whole bag of celery and one whole onion.

If you’ve seen my Super Easy Roasted Turkey recipe, you saw some of my butter affinity. Here’s more of it. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas. Your thighs expect butter. Anyway, I throw two sticks of butter in a very large skillet. Melt completely.

Once the two sticks of butter are completely melted, dump in your chopped celery and onion. See? Now the butter is healthy. We added vegetables.

Healthy vegetables that are going to taste amazing.

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Sauté the celery and onion down until there is a hint of brown on the onions. Remove from heat but do not drain.

Boil and chop seven eggs (if you like a very eggy stuffing, use up to one dozen eggs).

Learn from my mistake. Buy a very large mixing bowl. I used the biggest one I had until realizing I needed more room. It makes a TON of stuffing. Dump two bags of Pepperidge Farm Cornbread Classic Stuffing in your bowl.

Crumble up your Jiffy cornbread.

It’s time for the stale bread. We do things smarter not harder around here.

Enter my great grandma’s rolling pin and a gallon freezer bag. Smash that toasted stale bread.

This is the obligatory “coffee makes the world go ’round” picture. The crumbled stale bread has been dumped in the mixing bowl.

Dump the chopped eggs in with the dry ingredients.

Now, this is important. Dump the celery, onion AND melted butter in with the dry ingredients. Remember, your thighs expect butter.

Here’s where we moisturizer all those dry ingredients. Start cracking more eggs. I usually use 12-14 raw eggs.

Pour beaten eggs into the dry ingredients.

Next, pour 1-2 boxes of chicken broth (preferably unsalted) into the stuffing mix. Stir all the ingredients thoroughly and insure that they are all moist.

Your stuffing is ready to go in your turkey. (Find a Super Easy Roasted Turkey recipe here!) Enjoy!


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