Pretty little snowflakes. Day 5. 

One of my most favorite things about living in the mountains is snow. Having grown up in Florida, I totally lose my mind when I see a pretty little snowflake in my 15 day weather forecast. And, the loooonnnngggg, agonizing wait begins. 

I watch that little snowflake every day (ummmm… maybe multiple times each day, ok? I admit it.) and, usually, I’ll see it come and go from the forecast. I listen regularly to Facebook Lives that our favorite local meteorologist puts up every night. With bated breath, I listen for him to say the word. For him to confirm that my desire is coming true. That SNOW is coming to my beautiful backyard. Inevitably, somewhere around the 2  day mark, the meteorologist will say that “winter weather” is, indeed, coming but he can’t say specifically when… or even in what form it will appear this time.

Does he not know that I want snow?? Not sleet. Not freezing rain. Not “grapple.” Snow. Pretty little snowflakes that slowly build up to a huge, fluffy foot or two of snow that is picture perfect beautiful and ideal for a full day of sledding with my husband and five terribly happy kids. This is my ideal of what *should* happen.

That’s not usually what happens. It’ll only be 2″ of snow. Or, it’ll be black ice. Or freezing rain. And, you can rest assured that if we do get 2 feet of snow, my kids will be tired and wet after 30 minutes of sledding and snow balls to the face.

It’s kind of like that in my life. I have desires and preferences for the future. What it’ll bring for our family. And, I KNOW that God has plans for our family and they aren’t just good… they are perfect. But, the wait. It can feel torturous. The checking every day to see if there’s a way to spy the plans He has for us. Planning and replanning as we try to “help” the future forecast happen quicker.

You know what? The future plans He has never looks like I thought they would. But, time and time again, He reveals plans that are better than I dreamed. They aren’t always two feet of fluffy, sled worthy snow but they are always perfect in His sovereign plan. We just have to patiently wait and trust as He tells us that the plans are coming.

This is my life. I’m literally waiting on my two feet of fluffy snow and His plans for my family.

Anyway… day 5 rundown:


3/4 cup Pumpkin Cheerios and 1 cup skim milk. Black coffee. Can you tell I LOVE Pumpkin Cheerios???


One fried chicken breast from the grocery store deli and 1/3 cup Bush’s baked beans. This is real life. We were running pre-winter storm errands and has to choose between Chick-Fil-A (and deciding whether I could choose fruit instead of fries…) or food from the deli. We choose the financially responsible route and I limited portions. I didn’t eat the skin. See?

Afternoon snack:

An Anjou pear. Try explaining to a four year old that this isn’t a PAIR of apples but a PEAR. Good times.


A large handful of organic spinach, 1/2 cup black beans, 3 oz sautéed chicken, sautéed poblano peppers, 1/2 serving shredded cheddar cheese, 1/4 avocado, large dose of medium salsa, 1 tablespoon FF ranch, drizzle of Chipotle sauce. If I could pick my favorite meal, this is it. It’s pretty warm and I absolutely am addicted. I call it “The Colon Cleanser.”

Water: 100 oz

Movement: those errands helped me lots. Over 11,200 steps and 11 flights of stairs. I felt great today. I think we might be almost back to pre-surgery normal.

So, what about you? Is it hard to wait for God’s plans for your life???

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