Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Day 7. 

I was sleeping so peacefully. 



“We don’t have any water.”

And so the day began. A big difference from the carefree enjoyment of yesterday’s snow play. Today, winter decided to show us her ugly side.

We were told to expected a low of 2 or 3 degrees with wind chills around -15 degrees. Well… it happened. We always drip our water. Always. Except last night… we didn’t. We paid for it with frozen pipes.

My husband hurriedly dressed and spent the whole day trying to figure out the problem. I spent my day melting snow. Yes, you read that correctly. We had limited bottles/jugs of water and… well… toilets, cups and dishes are legit concerns when there are seven in the house.

I can’t count the number of stock pots of snow I melted. I do know that it takes more than 1.25 gallons of melted snow to flush my toilet. I also know that I officially hate snow, winter and freezing pipes. I talked trash to winter the whole time I melted snow.

Outside of using Christian profanity while stabbing melting snow, I can tell you the moment that had the biggest impact on me. It was after breakfast… and I had chugged 20 oz of melted snow in my water bottle. It was after mid-morning… and my husband had drunk a cup of coffee made with melted snow. It was after lunch… and my whole family had consumed rice that had been cooked in melted snow. I looked down in what must have been my 56th stock pot of melting snow. And, there it was.

A raccoon hair.

I ran to the sink and just heaved multiple times. It was a bad moment. I was done. D-O-N-E. My self-defense attorney was screaming in my head.

“Did you get mad this morning when the pipes were found to be frozen??? No.”

“Are you trying to follow Christ and do His will??? YES.”

“What have you done to deserve all this CRAP happening??? NOTHING.”

She’s a pretty loud, mouthy thing, my self-defense attorney.

But, the truth of the matter is this: why SHOULDN’T all this CRAP happen to me? I didn’t get mad this morning (but we won’t talk about the last 598 times I’ve lost my mind in anger.). I am trying to follow Christ and do His will (and???).

It’s hard in those super crappy times to see how God is working. And, we may never know with certainty. I can tell you how today’s crappy time turned out though. Friends and family prayed. Two church members showed up and worked in the frigid cold with my husband and fixed our pipes. You see, we had three malfunctioning valves in the pipe going to our home. The extreme winter weather pushed it to the point of water not moving as well. And, in the process, it fixed 3 years of horrible water pressure in our home.

We might have had a crappy day and a LOT of stress but God provided. Again.

Have you had crappy times that turned out to be God providing for you? Tell me about them!

Anyway. Day 7. I struggled with my food portions and finding enough water today.


3/4 cup Pumpkin Cheerios, 1 cup skim milk. See that empty cup? Sadness. No black coffee today.


1/2 serving whole wheat rice, 1 serving beef stew and 5 crackers. My biggest accomplishment is that there isn’t any cheese in this bowl. Man, I love cheese.

Afternoon snack:

One small homemade cherry biscotti


1 homemade buttermilk biscuit, 1 scrambled egg. Banana. I was just done by dinner. I ate just enough to be finished eating.

Water: 107 oz

Movement: I didn’t sit down much today. Almost 13,500 steps and 13 flights of stairs. I was tired at end of today but had tons of energy during the day.

Tomorrow starts the Slique in 60 Challenge!!! I’m so excited to see my results at the end. I’m very pleased so far. 🙂

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