Shoveling it. Day 8. 

“It’s gonna snow,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

After yesterday’s blog referencing the church members who fixed our water, I felt convicted that I don’t do enough to show my husband how much I love him. He usually cares for the outside of our home so shoveling snow off the deck is, by default, his job usually.

I decided to take this job on today. Let’s just say that you don’t realize how big your deck is (or how cold it is outside…) until you have to shovel it. Our deck runs the whole length of our home… and into the next state also, apparently.

For y’all who don’t have snow regularly, you’re probably wondering why we have to shovel all the snow off the deck. Well, fellow Floridians, I wondered the same thing. Why not leave it for the sun to melt? Why spend the energy to remove it when you can sit inside beside the fire while you sip coffee and stare at all the pretty snow?

This is the cycle of snow. I see a tiny flake on the 15 day forecast. Millions of people freak out on the internet at the approaching #snowmaggedon. Meteorologists everywhere say it isn’t gonna happen. It happens. Pretty snow everywhere. My husband and I take The Crazies out for one good day of snow angels, sledding and snow ball fights. We hibernate the rest of the day with coffee while peeling the kids off the ceiling from the snow and hot chocolate sugar high. The sun comes out. And starts to melt the snow. Everywhere we have walked en route to get sleds, take kids outside, and turn faucets on to prevent frozen pipes (hahahahahaha) gets footprints smashed snow. The snow melts that smashed boot print as the afternoon hours happen. The temperatures drop as night approaches. Those ex-smashed boot prints turned water puddles now freeze on our deck. Fast forward to the moment when an unsuspected me walks out onto the deck and happens upon the now frozen ex-smashed boot print. I promptly end up on my butt.

Therefore, we shovel. Or, I did today. Scrape the length and width of the deck. Then, go back and make sure all the snow and ice patches are gone using a deck brush. Over and over.

While I carefully walked down the length of our deck and pushed the big metal shovel, I thought about the sheer volume of my sin. And repentance.

The volume isn’t unlike the unending amount of snow on our deck. Thick. Fluffy so it looks appealing but the weight of it can be enough to collapse a deck.

Sccccrrraaaappppeeee. It was appealing the thought of snow. Just like it was appealing the temptation before I sinned. I’m a glutton. And the thought of chocolate or pizza can quickly become my lord. Who I worship when I’m stressed. Or sad.

Sccccrrraaaappppeeee. The weight of the snow  growing with each falling flake accumulates. The weight of my gluttonous emotional eating gradually is very evident on my frame. The amount enough to cause physical and emotional damage.

Sccccrrraaaappppeeee. There’s an answer to the huge piles of snow. It’s shoveling. A choice to get out of my warm house, admit that the snow needs to be removed to clean the deck, and choosing to start removing the snow. There’s an answer to my gluttony. It’s a choice to acknowledge to Christ that I’ve, again, sinned and put food above Him. I’ve chosen to try to be in charge rather than turning to Him when in need. It’s repentance.

Sccccrrraaaappppeeee. Choose to repent. Bow the knee. Run to Him. Whatever the sin is that “so easily besets” you, lay it at His feet. The only perfect One. The One who died to set you free of that sin so you could choose to serve Him.

Day 8. It’s a process choosing to rely on Christ in stressful or emotional times. This is my focus this week.


One scrambled egg, one homemade buttermilk biscuit with 1/2 teaspoon honey. Black coffee.


Whole wheat tortilla, 1 serving oven roasted turkey breast, 1 GoVeggie Pepper Jack slice (I will never, ever buy this product again. Ever. It was hideous.), spinach, tomato, 1/2 serving BBQ sauce. Banana.

Afternoon snack:

One mini dark chocolate bar. Just keepin’ it real.


I recycled the leftover beef stew from yesterday and made beef pot pie. Includes one crescent roll on top.

After dinner snack:

12 almonds. Black coffee. Man, I love my almonds.

Water: 128 oz

Movement: All the shoveling added up to over 13,700 steps and 14 flights of stairs. Felt amazing.

Today marks the official start of the Slique in 60 Challenge. Are you looking to step up your weight loss game in 2017? We have a 60 and 120 day Challenge starting on January 9th with prizes including $3,000 in cash and an Apple Watch. Email me for more information!

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