The mess I hide. Day 9. 

Ok. Let’s be real with each other. Where’s the room or closet where you shove all your clutter before company comes over??

I admit it. My bedroom is our clutter room.

I’m a high functioning multitasker who rarely can be bothered by basic tasks such as filing. Ok, ok. I’ll come clean. I’m just so bad at organization. Horrible. So, I just leave it all on my kitchen table or counter. Or… beside the couch.

Any time a friend comes by for a play date, I can be found shoving stacks of homeschool paperwork, prior months’ bills, and, honestly, you’ll find… trash.

We are preparing to attempt to sell our house so you know what that means. I need to clean out our bedroom. I have to deal with all my clutter before our family can, prayerfully, benefit financially from our home selling. I’ve spent this afternoon sorting through my clutter. I’ve found:

1. Homeschool paperwork: every day my kids do worksheets in NUMEROUS subjects. And I have five kids. And I haven’t filed it away since last year… ok. I found some from 2014.

2. Prior months’ bills: I have a tax accounting background and a *tiny* dose of neurotic OCD tendencies. Somehow, I feel like I might need the October 2015 receipt for a letter I mailed to a personal friend with zero business connections at all.

3. Trash: I really can’t explain WHY I still have gum wrappers from 2008. But for some stupid reason, I’ve kept the trash around.

If you’ve followed my blog at all, you probably understand this struck a chord with me. I’m in the beginning stages of rehabing my health. I want this to be a long-term, profitable change for me but I have to deal with the clutter first.

All my emotional clutter affects my health. That emotional clutter stresses me and taxes me body. And, if I don’t deal with the clutter, it just adds up and takes over my life. Eventually, spilling over into my eating habits.

My emotional clutter that I’m working on clearing out:

1. My daily stresses: like my kids’ homeschool worksheets, if I don’t process my day-to-day stress, it adds up and ends up as unnecessary headaches. Deal with my kids’ meltdowns and bad days and don’t carry the frustrations forward to the next day. Talk through problems and misunderstandings with my husband instead of letting them fester. Deal daily in a healthy manner.

2. Ghosts of past hardships, grief, and conflicts: just like the completely useless USPS receipt, it profits me very little (in rare instances…) to keep those hard feelings “just in case” I need them in the future. I don’t. Forgive and move on.

3. Trash: this is exactly what the 2008 gum wrapper is except it is stuff I can’t control. Lunatic posts by someone I can’t control on social media. Decisions made by others that offend me. Let it go. Throw it in the trash, stay in your lane, and focus on things that actually matter.

If you’re an emotional eater like I am, you have to deal with the emotional clutter. Do the hard work and take out the trash. (I recommend reading this and starting here as your first step.)

Day 9.


My ole favorite. 3/4 cup Pumpkin Cheerios, 1 cup skim milk and black coffee. I repeat a lot of my meals simply because it helps with making sure I don’t overeat and I don’t have to plan 3 meals each day.


A little twist on my normal turkey wrap. I added Chipotle Taco Sauce.


Bang bang chicken & chickpea lettuce wraps. Green beans.

Water: 116 oz

Movement: ~12,500 steps and 14 flights of stairs. Good, full day of homeschooling and organizing my clutter.

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3 thoughts on “The mess I hide. Day 9. 

  1. Valerie says:

    I love organizing – LOVE it!! If I had lots of free time, I would spend it, no doubt, organizing something. lol But, I’m with you, homeschool paperwork is no fun at all and it piles up FAST! I am usually six to twelve months behind on filing it. 😛

  2. TheThingsILearnt says:

    I am equally bad in organizing but now I have started using it as a stress reliever.. Whenever I am sad or irritated I just start organizing my bedroom or something .. It helps a lot 😀

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