The forbidden fruit. Day 11.

I literally have forbidden fruit in my home.

A friend at church gave The Crazies a bag of goodies. Packs of Oreos. Two gallon Ziplocs of homemade chocolates.

They all taste amazing if you’re wondering. Yes. I had some.


Because it was a totally crappy day and I dealt with it very poorly. Lots of tears and… chocolate. I had four pieces. I admit it.

Now that I’ve had the crappy day and ate my chocolate, it’s time to move on. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Partly because the chocolate is safely locked away in the basement freezer.

Ok. Day 11. This is real life.


Whole wheat toast (burnt because I realized the Keurig was empty…), peanut butter, banana and black coffee.


Whole wheat tortilla, sautéed chicken, 1/2 serving mozzarella cheese, tomato, spinach and BBQ sauce. Is anyone noticing a theme with burnt food today? Very appropriate for my crappy day today.

Afternoon snack:

Four pieces of chocolate. It was amazing.


One slice pepperoni pizza and a side salad. We had free Papa Johns and a one income family of 7 doesn’t turn down free pizza. This is me eating in moderation.

Water: 106 oz

Movement: over 15,000 steps and 13 flights of stairs. I added more steps after I ate the chocolate.

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