Rest. Day 14. 

My body was screaming for rest today so I obliged. Here’s the rundown of my food diary. (I do daily video diaries on my Facebook page. Come join me!)


You know the drill. 3/4 cup Pumpkin Cheerios and 1 cup skim milk. Black coffee to go.

Beefy vegetable soup. Mozzarella cheese. 5 Ritz crackers. Total yummy satisfying my veggie craving.

Afternoon snack 1:

FOUR cuties. This bowl was just the beginning. I ate four of these beauties. And, yes, I’m laying on my couch under a blanket resting.

Afternoon snack 2:

24 almonds. Protein and Magnesium for my rest day.


Round 2 of beefy veggie soup while my family ate sausage, onions, peppers and red beans and rice. I’ll stick with my comfort soup, thank you.

Water: 110 oz

Movement: 8988 steps and 8 flights of stairs. Totally rest day. Balance.

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