Balance and Biscuits. Day 15

I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 5.5 years. I spent most of my summers at my grandmother’s table shelling peas and learning to quilt by hand. I recently decided I needed to master one homemaker skill that I lacked. 

Homemade buttermilk biscuits.

I was intimidated. I mean, this is serious business here in the South. If you can’t make biscuits better than one from a Pillsbury Grands can, why try??

I decided to go the long way because why short cut your way to perfect buttermilk biscuits? I had just made a large batch of homemade butter and was fortunate enough to have a quart of buttermilk from the buttermaking.

So I began.

Just like when I’m sick, I googled everything that could go wrong when I started making these pieces of heaven on earth. What I found was terrifying. If you didn’t cut the butter in correctly, you end up with crap instead of biscuits. If you put too much flour, you get crap biscuits. If your baking powder or baking soda amounts are wrong, you guessed it. You’ll be feeding your kids crap biscuits.

Are you expecting a miracle picture to appear here? Well… no. It didn’t happen. My first batch had the right taste but they were flat. (My family didn’t complain to their credit.) After a brainstorming phone call session with my mom, we figured out that, apparently, it is essential for my baking soda and baking powder not to have expired in 2006.

So, on our next trip to Walmart, I invested in new (and not expired) baking soda and baking powder. My next biscuit adventure turned out differently.


This baking balance beam is not unlike life. Too much work and not enough rest equals neglect of your health. Too much rest and not enough work equals laziness.

We humans are prone to extremes and God knew we would be. He knew we would be striving to earn our worth. So, He commanded rest. He knew that we would be found sitting on our behinds. So, He commanded us to serve. Sacrificially.

I’ve found that, usually, when things suddenly go awry, it’s because I’ve slipped to an extreme. I’ve worked too much leaning on my efforts towards redemption. Or, I’ve sat back and leaned on His grace. I’ve become lazy and am not serving.

The only answer is come back to basics. Repent. Do the first works. Serve sacrificially and set aside a time of rest also.


So, Day 15:


Ohhh, the joys of peanut butter and honey. Whole wheat toast, peanut butter, honey, a cutie and black coffee.


Leftover beefy vegetable soup, 1/2 serving mozzarella cheese and 5 ritz crackers.

Afternoon snack:

Applesauce and 24 almonds. Almonds are my newest fascination. Man. Yummy.


Now, this was amazing. Teriyaki chicken and assorted roasted veggies topped with mozzarella cheese.

Water: 110 oz

Movement: ~14,600 steps and 12 flights of stairs. I spent the day cleaning and homeschooling. It was a GREAT day.

Results: I’m going to wait until Day 30 of the Slique in 60 Challenge (2/7/17) to post my results but I’m thrilled!

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