Glasses and reality. Day 16

A couple of weeks ago, my youngest son (2.5 years old) suddenly began having issues with his eyes crossing. After a trip to the pediatrician and the ophthalmologist, the verdict was in. 

Glasses. He’s horribly farsighted and in an effort to see what is right in front of him, his eyes cross.

Last night, I served him a plate of teriyaki chicken and roasted vegetables. He loved the first bite of chicken but soon he started yelling, “CHICKEN! CHICKEN!! WANT MORE CHICKEN!!!” His plate was full of chicken so I assumed he was just pitching a toddler fit.

Then, my husband and I realized the truth. He was crossing his eyes. He couldn’t see the chicken on his plate. Because he couldn’t see the chicken, he thought he didn’t have any. In actuality, his vision was distorting reality.

His glasses will help his eyes focus on what is actually in front of him. Not what he perceives to be reality.

I think we (especially women) are more like my farsighted son than we’d like to admit. We worry about making an unpopular decision. We obsess about our clothes and whether we will fit in with others. We mourn over how our calling in life doesn’t make sense to others.

In our distorted view, we overemphasize the importance of the opinion of others.

We need to refocus our vision. We need to understand that we weren’t designed by God to fit the mold of others. It’s ok to be obedient to your unique life calling. It’s ok to make an unpopular decision.

We play to an audience of One. Christ only. Christ alone do we strive to please. Live in light of that fact.

Do you struggle with your vision?

Day 16:


3/4 cup Pumpkin Cheerios and 1 cup skim milk. Black coffee.


Another serving of beefy veggie soup. And, I’m almost done with this. Seriously. 1/2 serving mozzarella cheese. 5 Ritz crackers.

Afternoon snack:

Have I mentioned I love almonds??? 12 almonds and a banana.


Ok. This finished off the soup. And I had a whole wheat grilled “cheese” that had Go Veggies cheese substitute in it. Never, ever will I eat that stuff again. Just nasty. My kids like it and their welcome to have it.

Water: 110 oz

Movement: ~14,000 steps and 11 flights of stairs. 3,000 calories burned so far today as I focused on cleaning out my closet. It was a GREAT day!

Results: I am losing weight and my clothes are more loose. I’m thrilled with the eating plan and the Slique products.

One thought on “Glasses and reality. Day 16

  1. Valerie says:

    ” It’s ok to be obedient to your unique life calling.” – Thank you for saying this! I needed to hear it. ❤ Also, well done with your food and exercise!

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