Doing the hard thing. Day 18

I took all five of The Crazies grocery shopping today. Think about this for a second. I loaded five kids (ages from 9 down to 2…) into our suburban. Alone. We did couponing at one grocery store and regular groceries at Walmart. Alone. 

I survived but was absolutely exhausted by the time my husband got home.

While we were adding children to our family, there was this huge intimidation about going out alone with the kids. In fact, I refused to go out alone when we had 1, 2, or 3 kids. The moment that I snapped was when we lived in the Memphis area.

As a minister, my husband’s weekend was Friday and Saturday. We ended up spending all day on Friday running to the grocery store or doctor appointments. It sucked the life out of family time while he was off of work. Our family needed me to suck it up and take on the grocery shopping alone with The Crazies.

Long story short, I survived. Each trip involved lots and lots of praying that none of the little terrorists threatened to detonate in aisle 3 of Walmart. With each addition of another child, it took time for me to get up my nerve and venture out alone with The Crazies.

It was a necessary act but, like so many other life choices, it was hard. Once I had been convinced that it was necessary and right thing to do, I had to get up and actually do it. Struggle through those first awkward and frustrating trips until I found my groove… or just built up my courage and confidence.

This is the point I hit after my last abdominal surgery. It was a tubal ligation. And there was no small amount of grief. In that grief, I turned to food for comfort. I knew I was only hurting myself and, ultimately, my family. I knew the necessary and right thing to do. I only had one real choice. I had to do the hard work of recovering both emotionally and physically. That included losing weight.

There comes a point where you MUST do the hard (but necessary and right) thing. Whatever hard thing is staring you down today, do it. Take the first step today.

Day 18


This is my jam these days. So yummy. Whole wheat bread, 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter, banana and 1/2 teaspoon honey. Black coffee.


This is real life. The Crazies got McDonalds gift cards for Christmas and I got coupons in the mail. Their Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich was the closest to my eating guidelines. 2nd pic to show there’s no cheese or mayo on the sandwich.


Rotisserie chicken breast (no skin!!), corn on the cob and a banana.

Water: 110 oz

Movement: ~14,000 steps and 12 flights of stairs.

Results: I am still seeing steady descrease on the scale and I’m thrilled. I’m also seeing non-scale victories like jeans that have a small gap at the waist band. That’s huge!

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