Homeschool 17-18. Week 1. 

We are starting another year of homeschooling our family of five kids. I’m trying to be more diligent about blogging what we did and how successful it was. 

Since we do year round homeschooling for ages 3 through 9, I’m trying to incorporate special topics of group learning. It’s a challenge to make it simple enough for the littles but interesting (and educational) enough for the bigs. (Each child continues their normal Abeka courses also.)

For week 1, I chose to start talking about light. We are starting pretty simply so we don’t lose the 3 year old. 

We covered:

1. The origins of light. 

A. God (Genesis 1) – we ate chocolate pudding and white chocolate pudding to show how God separated light from dark. 

B. The sun and the moon – discussed that the sun is the actual light and the moon reflects the light of the sun. Much like our lives should reflect God. For a demonstration, we went into the dark bathroom and faced a mirror. We shone the flashlight into the mirror and saw that the mirror reflected the light onto our faces. 

C. Man made light – we discussed the invention of the light bulb. Also did worksheets in which we chose natural lights and artificial lights. (I’m loving my homeschool lesson planner!!! Plenty of room for all five kids’ lessons to be listed.**)

2. Shadows – we experimented on how our shadows are made (light shining against us) using a flashlight and making shadow puppets. 

We also traced our shadows on asphalt. The kids truly loved this part. 

Yes, they are still in PJs. 🙂 The joys of homeschooling. 

Our topic next week is Sharks since it is Shark Week on Discovery. The kids are going to love this. 

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