Sledding. Day 6. 

So. We got the snow I wanted and we got lots of it. Depending on where we measured in our yard, we had 6-7″ of snow. It definitely made this former Florida family very happy. Continue reading


Pretty little snowflakes. Day 5. 

One of my most favorite things about living in the mountains is snow. Having grown up in Florida, I totally lose my mind when I see a pretty little snowflake in my 15 day weather forecast. And, the loooonnnngggg, agonizing wait begins.  Continue reading

Stay in your lane. Day 4. 

My husband is always up before me and showering first each morning. I think of it as his way of preparing for when my eyes pop open. As soon as my eyes pop open, I have something to say. 🙂 So, as he showers each morning, he listens to podcasts. Sermons, TED talks, and round tables of experienced pastors or business leaders are his daily fare. He usually comes out and recounts something he has learned.  Continue reading

Suck it up and deal. And, Day 3. 

As I talked to my therapist yesterday, I expressed that I wanted a quick way out of the reminders of the past 18 months’ grief. Most of the grief and trauma has been in our home. For the sake of my heart, I’d love to sell it. And, I’d love to sell it quickly so I can move on. She kindly reminded me (and I love her because she reminds me…) that there isn’t a short cut. No selling of our home is a guaranteed fix for my heart.  Continue reading