Weekly Weigh-in. 10/26/12.

Well, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or stopped my exercising and eating right. We went home for a vacation after my last blog on 9/28/12 and I took some time away after we came home. It’s been slow progress but… there has been progress.

Just for recollection:

Me (9/7/12)

Weight: 184.5


Me (9/14/12).

Weight: 182.


Me (9/28/12).

Weight: 178.


And, today…

Me (10/26/12)

Weight: 173 lbs. ONE lb below MY prepregnancy weight!!! WOOHOO!!!


The changes in weight and appearance have been small over the past month but I’m still moving forward. 🙂

I’m also keeping track of my measurements and probably should post them here so I can be held accountable. Today’s measurements:

Hips: 42.25″

Waist: 35.5″

Thigh: 22.5″

Chest: 40″

Anyway, until next week…